Why more and more people are using teak wood furniture?

There are a lot of people that prefer teak wood for outdoor furniture. Most of the time, it is about purchasing the sets that can handle multiple guests at a time. These may include the teak tables, chairs, and other necessary elements. It does not only appear to be nice. There are various other reasons why people use teak wood as a material for outdoor furniture and here we are going to list some of them.


Whenever we are going to use anything for outdoor furniture, one better pick something that is durable. This wood comes from a tree that is mature and it also has great durability overall. The natural character is good and it is capable of enduring some rough treatment. As you are using it for outdoor purpose, you can put heavy objects on your teak tables and they will work just fine.


The cleaning of the furniture depends upon its finishing. With the modern finishing techniques, it has become very easy to clean it. For instance, in order to have day to day cleaning, a simple wipe with a dusting cloth can be enough. However, if there are spills and stains, you may need to put in a little more effort and use baking soda along with warm water if you are to remove it.

Low maintenance cost

The cost of the teak wood furniture may seem a little more than the ordinary ones. However, whenever shopping for wood stuff, always look at the maintenance factor. People tend to overlook it and soon they are left out with heavy maintenance. The teak wood objects require very low maintenance. It is durable and strong material and if you get your hands on stuff crafted by an expert, you are certain to get some serious quality. Thus, repairing it may not be required for a while but never overlook thorough cleaning each month.

Weather proof

While we are talking about outdoor furniture, no one knows when the nature can turn the tables. It may be shining at day and strong winds may bring up clouds at the evening. With heavy rainfall at night, you will be left wondering if your furniture can withstand it all. Well, the teak wood is weather resistant which means that it will be able to withstand it all, from the hard sunny days of summer to the freezing cold nights of winter.

Lavish look

The texture and color of teak wood is amazing. And with the right treatment, showing off the natural lines while shining with decent polish, you are certain to love the lavish look and feel it provides to you.

Value for money

There are a lot of people that argue about teak wood furniture and state that it is more costly than its alternatives. Well, if you compare its maintenance and cleaning cost with the other furniture, along with the durability and strength that it provides, you will certainly feel that teak wood furniture worth the money.