Why Coding / Programming Skills still winning in 2019?

Being the basis of literacy in this Digital World Coding and Programming Skills are still winning in the 21st century and it’s really important those who want to become the technology experts.

As the Mobile Technology emerging, Everything is being digitalized and the demand of the technology experts are on its peak.

As per the recent survey, there are 50 million Jobs in the computer Industry which requires Coding and Programming Skills.

The growth of the Computer Software Industry in countries like India, China and America have significantly increased the demand of Software experts.

What is the best industry where you will prove your best Coding Skills?

  1. IT (Information & Technology Sector)

IT Sector is one of the major employers for the Coding and Programming Experts. If you have a basic Knowledge of Programming skills like Java, Python, Web Programming then you can get trained by the IT Companies and have a decent office Job.

2. Data Science or Database Industry

The Coming world is a world of Data Science. There are a massive amount of Useful and unuseful data out there. Every big company is hiring Data Scientist or Database experts who can manage their database. 

So, if you have an analytical mind and knowledge of SQL, Oracle, SAS, MongoDB, Hadoop then you are good to go. There is quite a big industry is waiting for you.

3. Programming Tutoring Services

Well if you love teaching, Solving Problems and quite good at explaining then entire education world is for you. From Schools to colleges learning of Coding Skills are must these days.

Like we at CodingZap provide Coding Guidance Do my Programming Homework. 

You can open a Programming forum or register yourself to Freelancer.

4. Become a Web Designer or Web Expert

As the Internet has been growing so is the Online businesses. There is a huge demand for Website Creators, Web Developers, and Digital Marketing folks.

So, if you know WordPress Development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and another web programming then you will have a ton of opportunities in this field.

How to learn Coding from Scratch?

So, you must be wondering how to get these jobs and become an expert. No worries. No matter what stage you are at you can start learning Programming / Coding.

The Sole important thing in learning Programming is to develop sound logical reasoning in your head. Because you need it all day while developing new things.

So, if you are at your school, College chooses one language like C++, C or Java and start from the very basic and then master it. Keep practicing the language and do experiments. You will become a Pro Coder or Developer.

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