Tegan and Sara’s events in November 2019 (who they are)

Tegan and Sara is a Canadian indie pop band . This band was formed in 1998 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and was composed of two identical twin sisters Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin . These sisters were born on September 19, 1980. Both of them are musicians, they write songs and are multi-instrumentalists too. Their work include nine albums released up till now ,the duo also earned Grammy nomination  in 2012  for their DVD/live album Get along. Their ninth album Hey, I’m Just Like You, was released recently in 2019.

There are many interesting facts about these two sisters. Some of which are discussed.

  • They started their career at the age of 15. At that time they used to play guitar and write songs , formed a
  • band called Plunk.
  • They won Calgary’s “Garage Warz “ competition , using their school’s studio, they somehow managed to record two demo albums that proved lucky for them and they started their career with the band name “Sara and Tegan”. Their first big-time show was in Calgary in 1998. Their band name was later changed to “Tegan and Sara” and this change was a practical one because people thought the act is a solo one by the name “Sara Antegan”. Their first album released with the old name but after some time it was reprinted with the new name.
  • When Tegan and Sara were teens they did a lot of drugs, but later when their mother Sonia, insisted they quit using drugs and proved that they are actually serious about their music career.
  • Their musical idol was Kurt Cobain. When this Nirvana front man committed suicide in 1994, both Tegan and Sara were so dishearten. The suicide of their “hero” at the age of 27 coincided with their step-grandfather’s death.
  • Both of these twin sisters have never been here for homophobia.
  • Sara had a relationship with her friend Zoe, and she was first outed to her family by a hickey, noticed by her mother Sonia. But afterwards Sonia and Zoe became good friends.

The albums that were released by Tegan and Sara are:

  • UNDER FEET LIKE OURS released in 1999 (the one that was reprinted also)
  • THIS BUISNESS OF ART released in 2000
  • IF IT WAS YOU released in 2002
  • SO JEALOUS released in 2004
  • THE CON released in 2007
  • SAINTHOOD released in 2009
  • HEARTTHROB released in 2013
  • LOVE YOU TO DEATH released in 2016

Their Instagram ID is “teganandsara” . They have posted almost 201 posts (date 9 Nov 2019) on Instagram. Their Instagram followers are 413k.

Tegan and Sara’s events in November 2019

The list of Tegan and Sara’s events are:

  • Brighton, United Kingdom Sat,16 Nov
  • Theatre Royal Brighton at 7:00pm
  • London, United Kingdom Sun, 17 Nov
  • O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire  at 7:00pm
  • London, United Kingdom Tue, 19 Nov
  • Royal Albert Hall  at 12:00am

Tegan and Sara also wrote a bibliography entitled High School, sharing the interesting story about their youth, along with new music.

  • Tegan and Sara announced via Instagram that their ninth album is called Hey,I’m Just Like You and consist of twelve recorded songs they initially wrote as teenagers. It was posted on Instagram with a caption We are coming for U!

2) This picture was  posted on Instagram when it was time to announce the release of High School. The caption with this picture was teganandsara Not a big reader but dying to know what’s in our memoir High School ???Download the audiobook! It’s ready by us! Plus it includes original demos of songs off of Hey I’m Just Like You that we wrote and recorded when we were teenagers . It’s the only place you can hear themJ . Get it when ever the audio books are sold.

The likes on this post are about 8,151 .

  • This picture was posted when Tegan and Sara thanked the audience.
  • Their fourth album So Jealous was released in 2004 , which proved a great success for them both internationally and locally . One track of the album “ Walking with the Ghost” was performed and its video was uploaded on the Instagram. Here is a post with caption teganandsara Haunted by this Halloween performance when Tegan was a Ghost during Walking With  a Ghost. This post got about 53,922 likes .