Top 5 natural home remedies for fleas

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Fleas are the real health hazard for your beloved pet as they lay up to 2K eggs in their lifespan. They also stay alive as an adult rather than live on the pets all the times. So, if you will not act against these fleas, your house will soon become a safe place for these jumpy insects. Their favorite place would be your pet bedding, cushions, furniture, carpets, and fabrics. These pesky tiny insects might be everywhere even when your pup seems to be free of fleas. The growth of fleas can stop at the larvae stage because of cold and dry weather. They come out when the conditions are favorable for hatching. But don’t fret; here we will discover some natural home remedies for fleas.

Natural Remedies for fleas:

Diatomaceous Earth

It looks like talc powder that is made from silica. It uses the same material that is used for the making of sand.


  • Sprinkle the Diatomaceous Earth on pet bedding, cushions, furniture and carpets
  • Let it sit for some hours and then vacuum it
  • It will dry and kill the fleas
  • Use it in the lawn as it is nonpoisonous
  • It may infuriate your airways as it is dusty powder


Sulfur has stink like rotten eggs. It is a natural element that kills the fleas when they eat or touch it.


  • Sprinkle the sulfur on the outdoor spots, lawn grass and flowering shrub where the animals can hang out.
  • However, it is not harmful to human beings but it can be poisonous for your pets if they eat it in large amount. So use it with extreme care.


You can’t get fleas to bolt just by squeezing the citrus like lemon and oranges in your home. But the citrus extract such as linalool or D-limonene can work wonders to kill the fleas and their larvae or eggs.


  • Use citrus peel extract and read the label of the product before purchase.
  • Use safe product as some species of cats don’t like citrus peel extract

Herbal Sprays

Use the herbal spray to purge the living spaces of fleas such as peppermint, cinnamon, or rosemary essential oil sprays


  • Some essential oils have bad stink but they are not harmful to animals and human beings.
  • Try the safe product for this purpose because some animals can be acutely allergic to ingredients of the sprays.

Boric Acid

Boric Acid is a laundry agent but it is one of the best home remedies for fleas. You can purchase it at a medical store.


  • Sprinkle this white powder into the pet bedding, carpets, cushions, and furniture.
  • Let it sit for several hours and vacuum it up.
  • It is toxic to fleas but it is not harmful to animals and humans.
  • But just remember, don’t use it if have babies in your home and it may damage your upholstery after some period of time.


Hope these home remedies for fleas are helpful to purge the fleas from your home. Leave a comment and let us know which one you will try to kill the fleas.