To be fat in public is acceptable ~ Says Body-Positive Blog

Being physically and mentally healthy are two main things that every person should go live a good life but in terms of physical health many people and different brands for long have been manipulating people to be in that certain shape which is just attractive to the world and the health does not come in priority which should be the top most thing if you are talking about physical health or you doing business related to physical health. For so many years, it has been injected in our minds especially in women to be skinny like being skinny indicates having a healthy body.

There are other movements that are nowadays popular in the world. These movements emphasize on the diet issues and creating a certain diet that will help you in being fit. The problem with these movements are they are stated as being generalized which is wrong. Every person’s body reacts to every diet in a different way. Every person has to go on a different level of hard work to be healthy.

Being healthy is not to be skinny. It is more about how you feel about your body, if you feel comfortable about your body and you can easily go through different activities in your life without having any issues then it is no problem. You have to be healthy in whatever physical shape you are. So for to build up a confidence for those people who are fat there is movement known as the “Fat in public”. This movement sends the message to the different societies to accept the fat people, to end the discrimination that is done with fat women and men. Brands have to start taking a step to end this discrimination because they are the main culprit that influence the societies around the world, giving them the wrong impression of being healthy and beautiful.

Movements like these “Fat in public” will help a lot of people who face discrimination daily just because they are fat, constantly listening from people to go for exercise, to eat well. People will not be attracted to you. Fat people have to go through this daily in their lives so this movement helps them to have confidence in themselves which will ultimately make you feel beautiful in many ways. This movement adds more, like to end the word “Fat” as an insult. To create confidence in yourself you have to be true to yourself first and by being true to yourself means owning that word “Fat” because there is nothing wrong being fat as long as the person is feeling good about him or herself.

Many critics are going for that these movements are encouraging people to be unhealthy but this is not true at all, it is more about telling people to stop pushing themselves to the extent where they literally lose their way in being healthy and damage themselves in terms of physically and mentally so that is why people have to be happy in whatever shape they are.