Where to get bicycle playing cards?

Bicycle Playing Cards is one of the most famous brand of playing cards. In United States Printing Company, it has been manufactured since 1885 and later this company is introduce as United States Printing States Printing Company (USPCC) of Cincinnati in 1894. Bicycle is a symbol of that company. This name was chosen because of popularity of bicycles in the end of 19th century.

Bicycle playing card is also a typical 52-card level of red and black shaded cards. It is also termed as French deck, each card consists of four parts: diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts. Card also includes number that range from 2 to 10, next it is proceeding to Ace, Jack, Queen and King where Ace is also known to be a typical deck. The Bicycle symbol is made on the Ace of spades.


In the Second World War the large map is printed on the back side of the Playing cards. By joining every get they got a large area map. This thing is very helpful in army that somehow if they lost their map they can easily find a routes. After the Second World War, most of the people are mentally disturbed. They do not get relaxed in any situation. To divert the mind of the people the people the same company introduced its cards to the local person. As bicycle is very famous those days so the owner named its product Bicycle playing cards.

This brand becomes popular day by day and now is one of the famous playing cards in the World. The original bicycle playing cards are really hard to find because there are many other fake cards using the same names. We can find these cards on the following Channels

  • Amazon

Amazon is basically an online market place to purchase any type of products. In the very beginning its owner just started as a book market place in 1994 but with the passage of time now almost everything is available on the Amazon. We can also get the Bicycle playing cards from there. Amazon is basically an American company. Its Headquarter is located in Washington Dc, America.

  • EBay

EBay is also a new online market place getting popular day by day. It offers many products on very low cost. We can easily a Bicycle playing cards on this channel. EBay is a Chinese company providing its services all over the World.

  • Ellusionist

It is very popular site for buying a gaming products now a days. It charge a very low price of the original products online. A customer can easily purchase any type of gaming product on this site. Bicycle playing cards is one of the most sold product on this market place.

Theory11 is also a very famous sites where we can easily found Bicycle Playing cards.

  • Walk-in stores

We can also easily find the bicycle playing cards from our nearby walk-in stores. Walmart is the best walk-in stores where you can get these cards.

Top 5 natural home remedies for fleas

Fleas are the real health hazard for your beloved pet as they lay up to 2K eggs in their lifespan. They also stay alive as an adult rather than live on the pets all the times. So, if you will not act against these fleas, your house will soon become a safe place for these jumpy insects. Their favorite place would be your pet bedding, cushions, furniture, carpets, and fabrics. These pesky tiny insects might be everywhere even when your pup seems to be free of fleas. The growth of fleas can stop at the larvae stage because of cold and dry weather. They come out when the conditions are favorable for hatching. But don’t fret; here we will discover some natural home remedies for fleas.

Natural Remedies for fleas:

Diatomaceous Earth

It looks like talc powder that is made from silica. It uses the same material that is used for the making of sand.


  • Sprinkle the Diatomaceous Earth on pet bedding, cushions, furniture and carpets
  • Let it sit for some hours and then vacuum it
  • It will dry and kill the fleas
  • Use it in the lawn as it is nonpoisonous
  • It may infuriate your airways as it is dusty powder


Sulfur has stink like rotten eggs. It is a natural element that kills the fleas when they eat or touch it.


  • Sprinkle the sulfur on the outdoor spots, lawn grass and flowering shrub where the animals can hang out.
  • However, it is not harmful to human beings but it can be poisonous for your pets if they eat it in large amount. So use it with extreme care.


You can’t get fleas to bolt just by squeezing the citrus like lemon and oranges in your home. But the citrus extract such as linalool or D-limonene can work wonders to kill the fleas and their larvae or eggs.


  • Use citrus peel extract and read the label of the product before purchase.
  • Use safe product as some species of cats don’t like citrus peel extract

Herbal Sprays

Use the herbal spray to purge the living spaces of fleas such as peppermint, cinnamon, or rosemary essential oil sprays


  • Some essential oils have bad stink but they are not harmful to animals and human beings.
  • Try the safe product for this purpose because some animals can be acutely allergic to ingredients of the sprays.

Boric Acid

Boric Acid is a laundry agent but it is one of the best home remedies for fleas. You can purchase it at a medical store.


  • Sprinkle this white powder into the pet bedding, carpets, cushions, and furniture.
  • Let it sit for several hours and vacuum it up.
  • It is toxic to fleas but it is not harmful to animals and humans.
  • But just remember, don’t use it if have babies in your home and it may damage your upholstery after some period of time.


Hope these home remedies for fleas are helpful to purge the fleas from your home. Leave a comment and let us know which one you will try to kill the fleas.

Tips for social media manager to be productive

Social media management is about a lot of things and you need to be patient to identify the keys to get done the management efficiently so that you are able to achieve maximum results with your struggle. To get all the social media management done effectively, the following mentioned are the key points to help:

–    Combine similar tasks

Combining the same tasks mean keeping the same kind of tasks in the same group. When you combine same tasks, then you don’t need to switch yourself again and again from one task to another and you can simply get the things done by staying focused on the same type of stuff until it’s done. When you do all the same things at once, at least then you have the idea that now you need to move forward to more things and this is how you can equally focus all the important activities in social media management.

–    Installation of a chatbot

Responding to the customer’s queries and being in contact with them is really very necessary and it can also be time-consuming. To help yourself from spending so much time on such activities, you can install a chatbot on facebook messenger to automate the replies to the audience queries. It just takes some minutes to create a facebook chatbot. It would be helpful for you in saving time as well as keeping you in contact with the audience.

–    Post planning

It’s important to do post planning by using a scheduling calendar or any other tool that can help you in planning your posts smartly to be more effective in posting contents.

–    Recycling of posting strategy

Most of the social media accounts focus on uploading new unique contents but it is also necessary to use the evergreen material in your contents. You can re-promote the pre-existent relevant contents on social media.

–    Smart automation

Automation is a key to success for social media managers as it helps a lot. There are several automation tools like Zapier and IFTTT which could be used to get help in busy schedules. These tools help you in resharing the posts automatically even when you are busy.

–    Avoid multitasking

Whenever you are writing a content or even texting with one of your colleagues, you might have a thought that this is more than you wanted but the fact here is that your effectiveness and concentration somehow vanishes when you are in that state. You need to avoid multitasking to have better results of the things you are doing. Whenever you are doing multiple things at once, you lose your cognitive focus and you can’t even do a single thing well.


–    Be attentive to social media metrics

You need to have a complete overview of your social media performance to access whether you are working efficiently and effectively. Focus on the things which are better like getting cheap instagram Followers and which grant you effective results. You can study analytics related to trends and performance so that you can enhance your skills.

A complete study contributed by Tweetnfollow, a famous social media marketing team!

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Why more and more people are using teak wood furniture?

There are a lot of people that prefer teak wood for outdoor furniture. Most of the time, it is about purchasing the sets that can handle multiple guests at a time. These may include the teak tables, chairs, and other necessary elements. It does not only appear to be nice. There are various other reasons why people use teak wood as a material for outdoor furniture and here we are going to list some of them.


Whenever we are going to use anything for outdoor furniture, one better pick something that is durable. This wood comes from a tree that is mature and it also has great durability overall. The natural character is good and it is capable of enduring some rough treatment. As you are using it for outdoor purpose, you can put heavy objects on your teak tables and they will work just fine.


The cleaning of the furniture depends upon its finishing. With the modern finishing techniques, it has become very easy to clean it. For instance, in order to have day to day cleaning, a simple wipe with a dusting cloth can be enough. However, if there are spills and stains, you may need to put in a little more effort and use baking soda along with warm water if you are to remove it.

Low maintenance cost

The cost of the teak wood furniture may seem a little more than the ordinary ones. However, whenever shopping for wood stuff, always look at the maintenance factor. People tend to overlook it and soon they are left out with heavy maintenance. The teak wood objects require very low maintenance. It is durable and strong material and if you get your hands on stuff crafted by an expert, you are certain to get some serious quality. Thus, repairing it may not be required for a while but never overlook thorough cleaning each month.

Weather proof

While we are talking about outdoor furniture, no one knows when the nature can turn the tables. It may be shining at day and strong winds may bring up clouds at the evening. With heavy rainfall at night, you will be left wondering if your furniture can withstand it all. Well, the teak wood is weather resistant which means that it will be able to withstand it all, from the hard sunny days of summer to the freezing cold nights of winter.

Lavish look

The texture and color of teak wood is amazing. And with the right treatment, showing off the natural lines while shining with decent polish, you are certain to love the lavish look and feel it provides to you.

Value for money

There are a lot of people that argue about teak wood furniture and state that it is more costly than its alternatives. Well, if you compare its maintenance and cleaning cost with the other furniture, along with the durability and strength that it provides, you will certainly feel that teak wood furniture worth the money.

Music and the brain: the neuroscience of music and musical appreciation

Through the music, we can learn much about human beings at their starting points and about the human mind. Music is a protentional strategy for treatment and methods for getting animating cerebral circuits. There is likewise a relationship between melodic imagination and psychopathology and psychological issues.

One of the contrasts between the created brains of Homo sapiens and those of the immense primates is the expansion in region dispensed to preparing sound-related data. Along with these lines in different primates, the extent of the visual cortex relates well with cerebrum estimate in Homo sapiens it is littler.

Music effects psychology:

Conversely, increments in estimate somewhere else in the human cerebrum have happened, outstandingly in the transient flaps who is particularly the dorsal territory that identifies with the sound-related gathering of discourse. The extension of essential and affiliation sound-related cortices and their associations which is related with the expanded size of the cerebellum and zones of prefrontal and premotor cortex connected through basal ganglia structures and proclaimed a move to a feel considering the sound to capacities to entrain to outside sources of info.

The main melodic instrument utilized by our precursors was the voice. The ear is constantly open and not all like vision and the eyes or the look, sound can’t promptly be deflected. From the musical pounding inside and with the mother’s body for the embryo and youthful baby to the crude drum-like thumping of sticks on wood and hand applauding of our juvenile and grown-up proto-talking predecessors with the developing newborn child is encompassed by and reacts to cadence.

Neuroscience and music:

The connection amongst the music and feeling appears have been acknowledged forever. Plato considered that music played in various modes would stimulate diverse feelings and as a consensus, the clear majority of us would attract to the passionate essence of a specific bit of music regardless of whether it will be upbeat or tragic for the instance significant harmonies are seen to be chipper minor ones. The beat or development in time is another part of slower music appearing to be less cheerful than quicker rhythms. This advises us that even the word movement is a critical piece of feeling in the move we are moving as we are moved candidly by the music.

Confirmation of recommends that music can diminish seizure recurrence stop status epilepticus and diminish electroencephalographic spike recurrence in kids with epilepsy in conscious and resting states. We realize that numerous individuals with epilepsy have electroencephalographic anomalies in a few people which can be ‘standardized’ by music. Notwithstanding the requirement for preliminaries of melodic mediations in epilepsy, we thought to likewise consider whether the after-effects of sonification of an electroencephalogram, which straightforwardly mirrors the time course of cerebral rhythms which might be utilized to entrain ‘typical’ mind rhythms in individuals with seizure issue.

The Adjustment of the electroencephalogram by means of biofeedback of various segments of sonic field electroencephalography or balance of the melodic contribution to influences the enthusiastic condition of the patient and cerebral and limbic movement and cerebral rhythm which are helpful potential outcomes.

To be fat in public is acceptable ~ Says Body-Positive Blog

Being physically and mentally healthy are two main things that every person should go live a good life but in terms of physical health many people and different brands for long have been manipulating people to be in that certain shape which is just attractive to the world and the health does not come in priority which should be the top most thing if you are talking about physical health or you doing business related to physical health. For so many years, it has been injected in our minds especially in women to be skinny like being skinny indicates having a healthy body.

There are other movements that are nowadays popular in the world. These movements emphasize on the diet issues and creating a certain diet that will help you in being fit. The problem with these movements are they are stated as being generalized which is wrong. Every person’s body reacts to every diet in a different way. Every person has to go on a different level of hard work to be healthy.

Being healthy is not to be skinny. It is more about how you feel about your body, if you feel comfortable about your body and you can easily go through different activities in your life without having any issues then it is no problem. You have to be healthy in whatever physical shape you are. So for to build up a confidence for those people who are fat there is movement known as the “Fat in public”. This movement sends the message to the different societies to accept the fat people, to end the discrimination that is done with fat women and men. Brands have to start taking a step to end this discrimination because they are the main culprit that influence the societies around the world, giving them the wrong impression of being healthy and beautiful.

Movements like these “Fat in public” will help a lot of people who face discrimination daily just because they are fat, constantly listening from people to go for exercise, to eat well. People will not be attracted to you. Fat people have to go through this daily in their lives so this movement helps them to have confidence in themselves which will ultimately make you feel beautiful in many ways. This movement adds more, like to end the word “Fat” as an insult. To create confidence in yourself you have to be true to yourself first and by being true to yourself means owning that word “Fat” because there is nothing wrong being fat as long as the person is feeling good about him or herself.

Many critics are going for that these movements are encouraging people to be unhealthy but this is not true at all, it is more about telling people to stop pushing themselves to the extent where they literally lose their way in being healthy and damage themselves in terms of physically and mentally so that is why people have to be happy in whatever shape they are.

How to Use Instagram TV App and upload your own videos?

IGTV is the extended edition of Instagram stories. Instagram build this app for the vertical videos that are longer than 1 minute. It seems that Instagram launched this TV app to compete with the video-sharing hulk, YouTube in the long run. Most of us don’t even know how to use Instagram TV and how to upload your videos on it. In this post, we will uncover all the details from channel creation to video upload on IGTV. IGTV can bring more engagement, to get more views, get Insta followers.

Table of content:

  • How to create an IGTV account
  • How do I upload my own videos?
  • How do you use it?
  • What can you do with IGTV?

How to create an IGTV account

Before you are going to share your thoughts with the entire world, first off you need to create an IGTV account. It is super easy and you can create it in just a few clicks. Here are some steps that you need to take to complete the process of IGTV account creation.

  • Go to Google Play or App Store and download the IGTV app.
  • If you haven’t an Instagram account then sign up to this app. But if you are already an Instagram user then it will automatically use your native Instagram profile to run this app.
  • Go to the right-hand corner and click on the “settings gear icon” and then hit on the create channel option.
  • And there you have it! You’re in. Hasty and simple.

How do I upload my own videos?

Now you are able to upload your own video on Instagram TV which will display vertically and with a full screen as most of the people intended to use smartphones. But if have already substantially-followed Instagram influencer then your profile might be restricted to 120 seconds videos. For uploading your own videos, go to IGTV section and click on the ‘cog icon’. Now you can upload your own content by following simple steps once you have created a channel on IGTV.

How do you use it?

If you have already an Instagram account, install IGTV app from the App Store or Google Play on your phone. When you open the app, you will find a TV icon (orange colored) in the top right corner, now hit this icon that will take you in the world of Instagram TV. Here you can view videos from most famous creators like celebrities and social influencers and from the people you follow on IGTV. There is also a dedicated IGTV app that is available on iOS and Android where videos will start playing automatically when you hit the IGTV orange color icon.

What can you do with IGTV?

The main purpose of IGTV is that user can now make long-form videos which can possibly become more popular and engaging content for the people who follow you. You can now make videos from 15 sec to up to an hour-long as a contrast to the standard Instagram app- means you have a lot more time to elaborate your idea or sell your product. Instagram wants to allow its users to upload unlimited length videos in the near future. With this booming idea, IGTV will host full-blown TV series and shows that will be the real challenge for YouTube and traditional TV one day.