Tips for social media manager to be productive

Social media management is about a lot of things and you need to be patient to identify the keys to get done the management efficiently so that you are able to achieve maximum results with your struggle. To get all the social media management done effectively, the following mentioned are the key points to help:

–    Combine similar tasks

Combining the same tasks mean keeping the same kind of tasks in the same group. When you combine same tasks, then you don’t need to switch yourself again and again from one task to another and you can simply get the things done by staying focused on the same type of stuff until it’s done. When you do all the same things at once, at least then you have the idea that now you need to move forward to more things and this is how you can equally focus all the important activities in social media management.

–    Installation of a chatbot

Responding to the customer’s queries and being in contact with them is really very necessary and it can also be time-consuming. To help yourself from spending so much time on such activities, you can install a chatbot on facebook messenger to automate the replies to the audience queries. It just takes some minutes to create a facebook chatbot. It would be helpful for you in saving time as well as keeping you in contact with the audience.

–    Post planning

It’s important to do post planning by using a scheduling calendar or any other tool that can help you in planning your posts smartly to be more effective in posting contents.

–    Recycling of posting strategy

Most of the social media accounts focus on uploading new unique contents but it is also necessary to use the evergreen material in your contents. You can re-promote the pre-existent relevant contents on social media.

–    Smart automation

Automation is a key to success for social media managers as it helps a lot. There are several automation tools like Zapier and IFTTT which could be used to get help in busy schedules. These tools help you in resharing the posts automatically even when you are busy.

–    Avoid multitasking

Whenever you are writing a content or even texting with one of your colleagues, you might have a thought that this is more than you wanted but the fact here is that your effectiveness and concentration somehow vanishes when you are in that state. You need to avoid multitasking to have better results of the things you are doing. Whenever you are doing multiple things at once, you lose your cognitive focus and you can’t even do a single thing well.


–    Be attentive to social media metrics

You need to have a complete overview of your social media performance to access whether you are working efficiently and effectively. Focus on the things which are better like getting cheap instagram Followers and which grant you effective results. You can study analytics related to trends and performance so that you can enhance your skills.

A complete study contributed by Tweetnfollow, a famous social media marketing team!

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Tips and Tricks For Sustainable Play Count Growth on Spotify

It takes a lot to be a good singer and it is even harder to get famous. Many platforms have been developed to cater to music fans and those who wish to create their own music. On these platforms, there is great competition, and standing out is the key. Spotify gives music-lovers the opportunity to make themselves known in the world of music.

play count growth on Spotify
play count growth on Spotify

On Spotify, you can create music and with a little extra effort, get well-recognized ad famous. This, however, requires skill. Let’s look at several tips to establish sustainable play count growth on Spotify.

  1. Aim for getting playlisted

Getting on the Spotify playlist is the ideal way of increasing your plays on Spotify and followers. Spotify’s editorial team or the major labels decide which songs make it to the playlist. On the other hand, you can slowly make it up to the Spotify playlist vie independent curators. You can submit your work to these curators and gradually earn a name. Ultimately, you can end up in the Spotify playlist.

Making it to the Spotify playlist is a difficult task indeed, but not impossible. The editorial team bases its decisions on the hype created by a particular song. A piece of music that is featured on other independent playlists or blogs is more likely to make it to the Spotify playlist. With playlist plays, you can get famous!

  1. Use your social media accounts to publicize your productions

Increase traffic on your Spotify music productions via other social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and email database. Direct the followers form these accounts to Spotify. On Facebook, you can get attention to your production through the many groups where people share their songs and give feedback.

  1. Make use of Spotify codes that can be scanned

“Spotify codes” is a recently developed feature which is used to connect playlists or tracks on Spotify. This code is a scannable, QR-code that can be shared to direct people directly to your music. In order to do so, your need to open the track or playlist on the Spotify application on your phone. By clicking on the menu icon in the top right corner, you can open the code and then screenshot it. The screenshot can then be cropped so that only the code is left. You can share this image on different social media platforms to promote your production. People can then scan this code (via the Spotify app) and directly reach your song on Spotify.

In this way, you can ensure that your music productions reach a large audience and the plays increase. Spotify is a platform where music producers and consumers come together and can be used to increase your popularity. By publicizing your Spotify productions on other social media accounts and spreading the word, you can get attention to your music successfully. If you follow the tips above and work hard on your productions, Spotify is the ideal place to reach out to a very vast audience and make your talent known.


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Video in TikTok – instructions and tips for shooting a clip

How has the TikTok social network won over modern youth? It gives them the possibility of self-realization. In the app, everyone can make an exciting clip, which their friends will watch later. But only making interesting video clips can’t help unless you use promotional tools like buy TikTok followers to get noticed.

Those who have already downloaded the app want to learn how to shoot videos in TikTok and publish them on the web. We’re going to talk about it.


The difference in the service is that it is allowed to upload only video files here. Their duration should not exceed 15 seconds. According to the developers, this segment is enough to create a cool story and not annoy the viewer while watching.At the same time, it is allowed to shoot longer clips – up to 1 minute. But in this case, they will not be able to drop music. The process will also be slightly different.

Shooting functions

The music app is popular with children and teens. Here they can create videos, add soundtracks and special effects to them. You can shoot yourself, with a friend, record a duet with stars.

For more people to see the work, it must be published on different social networks. So there is a chance to win the hearts of millions of viewers. Alternatively, you can buy TikTok followers and followers to stand out from the crowd on this platform.


Want to become the star of Tik Tok? Do users want to understand how to shoot cool videos in TikTok? Even beginners can do it because the management of the application is very simple.

All the tools necessary for shooting are at the bottom of the screen:

  • Home – by clicking on its image, the main page opens.
  • Search – allows you to find any video. Because you have to write the name of the artist or a hashtag video.
  • The + sign is required to add your video clip to the application.
  • “Message” is used for a private conversation with friends and TikTok users.
  • Profile – a button that manages to modify all the data concerning him (nickname, password, photo).

At the top of the screen, you can also see the controls. With their help, the parameters for working with the program change.

Main actions

Make sure the iPhone or gadget on Android is charged. Choose a piece of music that will be in harmony with the intrigue and repeat your actions.

To shoot, press the “+” button.

Create a video in TikTok.

At the very beginning, you need to select the option for the audio file playback speed:

  • 0.1x – very slowly;
  • 0.5x – variable;
  • 1x – standard mode;
  • 2x – fast pace;
  • 3x – fast.

The next step is to add music. You must press and hold the button at the top of the screen. The user is prompted to select a song from a playlist, phone, computer, or laptop.

Separately, you need to insert effects, which are abundant here. It is not only the acceleration and deceleration of the image but also “Beauty,” “Slow MO,” reverse movement, change of eye color, double chin.

You can now go directly to the shooting of a clip. To do this, press and hold the red button below. The loading process will continue during tightening. If you let her go, the video stops. When the shoot is shot, the button is paused, and the icon on the right is pressed. The finished work can be edited and viewed or immediately downloaded.


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Why `is a Perfect Destination for Wedding Photography

Destination weddings are the best. However, by having your wedding at a seaport is more enjoying than arrange it at your place. This way, you can make thousands of beautiful memories with your partner to be. Wedding photography is what makes your big day unique and memorable by capturing your beautiful poses with your partner. Below mentioned are the simple ideas about how you can make your wedding photography the best at the seaport:

  1. Be yourself

This is the thing to always keep in mind while having your wedding photos. You need to be yourself and don’t pretend anything. Select backgrounds and poses based on your emotions.


  1. Don’t go for low-cost options

While you have selected a seaport as a destination wedding, you would want it to be memorable. Wedding is simply an investment. If you’re going to have fun photographs, don’t cut out your budget on photography. Paying more will obviously get you more. Adriano Batti Portrait Photographer can surely make your event memorable by capturing beautiful pictures of you and your partner at the seaside. Only experienced and professional photographers can get you quality wedding photos.


  1. Keep it simple

Simplicity is beauty. Don’t overdo the makeup and hair as it won’t make you look pretty but will create a mess. When you have photography on a seaport in daylight, you need to look natural. What matters is you and your partner in one frame posing with each other. Extra makeup and overdone hair will only spoil your natural look.


  1. Communicate

Communication is always important, regardless of the place you will get married. Your photographer is a professional expert, and obviously, he knows more about photography. But don’t assume he knows everything. You need to tell him the details about the photographs you want to have. You can tell him you’re favorite poses and your desired backgrounds. For all this, you need communication. You can communicate through emails, texts, phone calls, and notes. Keep the conversation clear and precise.


  1. Make lists

It’s always better to make lists and mention all the basics of your wedding in it. Making a list will let you have your wedding in a harmonized way. Moreover, you can write about your favorite poses too.


Tegan and Sara’s events in November 2019 (who they are)

Tegan and Sara is a Canadian indie pop band . This band was formed in 1998 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and was composed of two identical twin sisters Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin . These sisters were born on September 19, 1980. Both of them are musicians, they write songs and are multi-instrumentalists too. Their work include nine albums released up till now ,the duo also earned Grammy nomination  in 2012  for their DVD/live album Get along. Their ninth album Hey, I’m Just Like You, was released recently in 2019.

There are many interesting facts about these two sisters. Some of which are discussed.

  • They started their career at the age of 15. At that time they used to play guitar and write songs , formed a
  • band called Plunk.
  • They won Calgary’s “Garage Warz “ competition , using their school’s studio, they somehow managed to record two demo albums that proved lucky for them and they started their career with the band name “Sara and Tegan”. Their first big-time show was in Calgary in 1998. Their band name was later changed to “Tegan and Sara” and this change was a practical one because people thought the act is a solo one by the name “Sara Antegan”. Their first album released with the old name but after some time it was reprinted with the new name.
  • When Tegan and Sara were teens they did a lot of drugs, but later when their mother Sonia, insisted they quit using drugs and proved that they are actually serious about their music career.
  • Their musical idol was Kurt Cobain. When this Nirvana front man committed suicide in 1994, both Tegan and Sara were so dishearten. The suicide of their “hero” at the age of 27 coincided with their step-grandfather’s death.
  • Both of these twin sisters have never been here for homophobia.
  • Sara had a relationship with her friend Zoe, and she was first outed to her family by a hickey, noticed by her mother Sonia. But afterwards Sonia and Zoe became good friends.

The albums that were released by Tegan and Sara are:

  • UNDER FEET LIKE OURS released in 1999 (the one that was reprinted also)
  • THIS BUISNESS OF ART released in 2000
  • IF IT WAS YOU released in 2002
  • SO JEALOUS released in 2004
  • THE CON released in 2007
  • SAINTHOOD released in 2009
  • HEARTTHROB released in 2013
  • LOVE YOU TO DEATH released in 2016

Their Instagram ID is “teganandsara” . They have posted almost 201 posts (date 9 Nov 2019) on Instagram. Their Instagram followers are 413k.

Tegan and Sara’s events in November 2019

The list of Tegan and Sara’s events are:

  • Brighton, United Kingdom Sat,16 Nov
  • Theatre Royal Brighton at 7:00pm
  • London, United Kingdom Sun, 17 Nov
  • O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire  at 7:00pm
  • London, United Kingdom Tue, 19 Nov
  • Royal Albert Hall  at 12:00am

Tegan and Sara also wrote a bibliography entitled High School, sharing the interesting story about their youth, along with new music.

  • Tegan and Sara announced via Instagram that their ninth album is called Hey,I’m Just Like You and consist of twelve recorded songs they initially wrote as teenagers. It was posted on Instagram with a caption We are coming for U!

2) This picture was  posted on Instagram when it was time to announce the release of High School. The caption with this picture was teganandsara Not a big reader but dying to know what’s in our memoir High School ???Download the audiobook! It’s ready by us! Plus it includes original demos of songs off of Hey I’m Just Like You that we wrote and recorded when we were teenagers . It’s the only place you can hear themJ . Get it when ever the audio books are sold.

The likes on this post are about 8,151 .

  • This picture was posted when Tegan and Sara thanked the audience.
  • Their fourth album So Jealous was released in 2004 , which proved a great success for them both internationally and locally . One track of the album “ Walking with the Ghost” was performed and its video was uploaded on the Instagram. Here is a post with caption teganandsara Haunted by this Halloween performance when Tegan was a Ghost during Walking With  a Ghost. This post got about 53,922 likes .  

Why it is important to install sliding security doors in financial offices?

When you’re owning an office of your own, its security is your responsibility especially when it comes to finance department. Security guards, responsible employees and security cameras are not enough.

When you’re listing a reason of why you should protect your office or even home for the trespassers or invaders and what materials should be used then you must consider security doors.

Sliding Security Doors:

Sliding security doors melbourne eastern suburbs are usually used in offices and big companies or shops. These doors not only provide security but also beautify your office. By installing high quality sliding doors, intruders will stay out of your territory.

It will also give you peace of mind as you feel secure about your financial department too.

Importance of sliding security doors:

There are many important factors to install a good sliding security door in your office.

  1. Provides perfect security:

One of the basic reasons of installing sliding security doors in the offices is security. Durability of these doors are too good to be used for protection against several things. These doors are ideal to be used outdoor as they are made up of sturdy materials such as steel, iron or even aluminum.

These materials are fire, moisture and insect resistant. Its lock and alarming system notify you whenever any shady person or stuff tries to break-in. Other than that, you can also install some latest features to these sliding doors such as automatic locks, automatic opening with the help of remote control or other various things.

Sliding security doors are compatible with the latest versions of alarm systems or security cameras that keep your finance office and homes safer.

  1. Sliding security doors with energy efficiency:

Sliding security doors not only provides you security but it is also an energy efficient. As these doors are made of glass or metal, so they make your room or office warmer during the winters and colder during summers.

It is due the insulation feature of the door. Enough amount of light can pass through them which can become one of the reasons of your energy bill savings.

  1. Easy to control and maintain:

These sliding security doors can be cleaned and used very easily with a very minimal effort. If there is rain outside then you just need to press on the remote-control button so that the gate starts sliding and stops the garden flood from creating mess on the doors and from entering the office.

Why tactical hunting knife is necessary for survival

Security today is the need of the hour and people will do anything that they can to make their loved ones secure. While most people may keep guns as a means of security, it is believed that a survival knife can be more useful than a gun. Tactical hunting knifes are mainly used for security purposes be that at home or elsewhere.

What is a survival knife and what is it used for?

Survival knives are those knives which are specially designed for hunting and survival in the wilderness or in the wild. People in the military also have survival knives, as well as pilots who keep them in case of any emergency. For one’s safety in case of any foreign attack, one may need to keep a tactical hunting knife for security purposes.

There are other uses of survival knives often associated with safety include uses such as trapping, hunting etc. Hunters, campers and outdoor enthusiast of sports may need a tactical hunting knife for safety purposes.

Out in the wilderness, all alone, surrounded by nature’s wildest creatures, you would have no chances of survival if you don’t have any security measures. For those who go hunting and camping, keeping a survival knife is a must because without it, their life falls in a great risk.

A survival knife, as the name suggests is mainly needed for the purpose of survival be it safety and protection at home or in the wild. If you’re in the wild, a tactical hunting knife may be useful for hunting which is one thing almost all campers enjoy!

Where to buy tactical hunting knives for use

If you’re searching for them, you can find tactical knife here on many online websites where they have a great variety for you to choose from. Before you get yourself one, you should know what a tactical hunting knife is.

When you search online, you’ll find a great variety of knives serving different purposes as well as a great range of prices from the highest to the lowest. When you are sure of what you want, you can search for the features that you’re looking for and compare them with other similar knives to find the one that offers the best features at the lowest price.

All in all, we can conclude that with the crime rate at rise and more and more people with interests of outdoor expeditions, survival knives are needed more now than ever before!

Looking for an iPhone repair? This is your stop!

iPhone is the latest technology and the choice of many today. It is described as “game changer” and “revolution” in the world of mobile technology. Being the most widely used phone around the world, iPhone has become famous and gained its place in the market!

No matter how perfectly your iPhone works, it may need a repair somewhere in its lifetime. Hence, every iPhone owner has in mind, an iPhone repair plan somewhere at the back of his/her mind if not at front. As glamourous as they seem, they are equally sensitive and slight damage or issue may need a repair. Why not be aware of repair shops already to not worry when the need arises?

iPhone repairs

Whether it be a technological fault or damage, your iPhone would need immediate attention and best would be to find someone who can fix your phone at the most reasonable rates. You can go online to search various sites that offer iPhone repairs and compare their prices and reviews to find the best ones.

Types of iPhone repairs

Your iPhone may face different sort of issues from problem with the screen to a faulted motherboard etc. so based on the problem arising with your iPhone, the issue will be dealt accordingly. Like many other repair companies, onthegoepairs.com.au offers some following repairs:

  1. Hardware, mother board repair
  2. Phone damaged by water
  3. Replacement of screen
  4. Replacement of battery
  5. Camera and sensor replacement
  6. Recovery of data
  7. Removing viruses etc.

iPhone repairs in Melbourne

Like other countries around the world, Melbourne also has several phone repair services one of which is OnTheGo repairs which provide you highly skilled technicians who deal with your issues professionally. Be it a damaged tablet or phone, they offer you the best repair services in town. New parts are provided to you for your phone and often replaced on the same day as you bring your device.

Many services would repair almost every brand device as is the case with OnTheGo repairs which can deal with repairs of HTC, Samsung, Sony, iPhones, etc.

This is only one repair shop and you’ll find plenty more online regardless of your city so if your iPhone is in need of a repair, simply connect with an online company to get your repairs done as soon as possible. These services are usually available 24/7 so you can approach them easily regardless of the day and time.

Which camera is ideal for travel in Thailand?

When on a trip to a site of scenic beauty or historical attractions, taking photographs is essential and if the photographs are not of high quality, it is heart-breaking. When visiting a beautiful place like Thailand, any tourist would love the opportunity to take exceptional photographs without much problem in handling and keeping the camera.

The best camera for travel to places like Thailand would be one which is easy to carry, light in weight and portable. If you wish to take a camera to places with water bodies, a water-proof and weather-proof camera would be best. To เที่ยวไหนดี
to travel, durability is one of the most significant factors to consider as well. You would want a camera that is durable and can stand any unexpected shocks without getting damaged or shattered.

There are different cameras made for travel but choosing DSLRs for travel is good and selecting those which weigh less would be ideal for use in Thailand. DSLR cameras have optical viewfinders that allow the photographer to see exactly what they are about to shoot, unlike many other cameras. The fact that many DSLR cameras focus faster on objects also adds to their benefits, making them more appropriate for travel.

Keeping the above-mentioned features in mind, Canon EOS Rebel SL3, 250D DSLR, would seem to be the ideal option for travel to Thailand. Here is why that is so:

  • It is easy-to-carry and pack

Most DSLRs weight too much to be appropriate for travel but this Camera is compact and light-weight which makes it easier to pack and to carry.

  • It has quick focus and takes high quality photos

The quality of the photographs it takes is important in choosing any camera and the 24.1 megapixels of this DSLR will allow razor-sharp photographs which show even the minor details.

  • It has a large sensor size

This camera can capture highly detailed photographs even in dim light. Thailand has many beautiful night sites which you would not want to miss capturing. Taking the DSLR Canon EOS Rebel SL3, 250D, which is good camera for sightseeing trips, along on a trip to Thailand will make it possible for you take photographs even in the dead of night.

  • It has a great grip

  • it is affordable

What can be better than getting a good camera in a reasonable price. Many DSLRs are quite expensive but Canon EOS Rebel SL3, 250D is affordably priced.

DSLR canon EOS Rebel SL3, 250D is therefore the best camera to take to a trip to a place like Thailand.



A Guide To Invest in Running Business in Sydney, Australia

Buying running business is much of what people prefer today because starting a new business is not an easy task. It doesn’t just require your energy and effort but can be a costly job! In this fast pace world, if you decide to buy an already set business there are few things to keep in mind! This article will give you a briefing of how to buy a running business in Sydney along with a few tips to keep in mind!

Buying a running business? Keep these things in mind!

To make sure you aren’t signing yourself up for any fraud, be vigilant while taking your step and keep a check on the papers and documents.

  1. Vendor: why is the business being sold? And what are the reasons behind it?
  2. Sales: Are there any visible trends? Find more about the current suppliers and the business customer base.
  3. Costs: Are the costs fixed or negotiable? Would there be any staff costs?
  4. Tax: what kind of taxes are applicable? Make sure to consider capital gains tax or GST for e.g.
  5. Legal issues: Are there any legal agreements on lease?
  6. History: As for the previous owner, what were the things that worked out and what didn’t?
  7. Partnerships: Is the business with a partner or alone? Was there a partnership agreement before the purchase?
  8. Planning: Did you write the business plan anywhere? That would help you in achieving your objectives and to meet your business goals.

Buying a running business in Sydney

In case of Sydney, too, people very often buy running business. When doing so, people often consider consulting people who have business for sale in Sydney who assist you in buying and selling processes. If you’re interested in buying a running business in Sydney and feel that you’re out of ideas, some small businesses would be helpful that will help you start a set business.

Business brokers Sydney, also known as business transfer agents, with their knowledge and expertise in the field, would come to a great help to get you through the troubles of estimating value of the business, advertising it, discussions, negotiations etc.

Some investment opportunities in Sydney (running business buying)

Here are some small businesses that you can invest in and buy, if you’re living in Sydney!

  1. Waste recycling: Being a low capital investment business, environmental protection industry can be a good idea of investment! This involves gathering waste materials and manufacturing them into useful products.
  2. Taxation and accounting: Another good option would be to buy an accounting business as a solution to financial issues.
  3. Prepare food and deliver: This is one easy business to invest in and buying it would bring you a lot of benefit. Mobile catering or fast food business is more likely to flourish because today, almost everyone enjoys eating good food!

To start a business, contact your nearest enterprise center which will help you in buying and setting you in place. Make sure to consult a trusted business accountant, advisor or agent. Don’t forget to go online and find some guidelines to help you take up a running business.


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Ways to get loan on less interest to buy property in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful island place. Having so many beautiful spots to visit and have fun. Moreover the city is economically well stable. And definitely one wants to live this calm and colourful place like  the Florence Residences Floor Plan .

Everyone dreams to have a home of their very own. Where they live a good life with their loved one. But buying a property in Singapore is no joke. it’s a huge financial commitment one has to made. No matter how you you’re buying a home you definitely will need a home loan. Best home loans are those who suits you more about a specific property you’re intended to buy.


There are actually numerous home loans which we will mention here but best of them will be further explained.

  • DBS home loans
  • OCBC home loans
  • UOB home loans
  • Standard charted home loans
  • Maybank home loans
  • Citibank home loans
  • BOC home loans.

HBD loans:

HBD loans are specifically for buying HBD flats and therefore at least one buyer has to be Singaporean. The HBD loan is ideal for home buyers who are looking for a stable interest rate. Also it is ideal for those buyers who have not enough money to purchase a very expensive property. Other then this HBD loans have other good advantages as well. It is lenient with late repayments and other things related to it. But the main consideration has to be the interest rate. The HDB loan interest rate is always pegged 0.1% more than CPF. Currently the HBD home loans rate is 2.3%. To be eligible for HBD hoke loans you should have a family income of $12000. Other important factors to get a loan are that you shouldn’t have owned any private property in last 30 months. Also you shouldn’t have already get more than two loans from HBD bank.

Bank loans:

The benefit of getting s Bank loan is it can be use to purchase a HBD property or any other private property as well. There a numerous kind of bank loans but you should have known that which one is more suitable for you and your property. Because taking loan is no joke. It is a long term commitment and you should have thoroughly consider whether you can return it or not. Bank loans are further categorized into four

  • Fixed rate
  • Floating rate
  • Fixed deposit linked rate
  • Board rate.

Equity loans:

You can sometime ask for a loan called second mortgage. Which is also known as a equity term loan as well. In simple language it is just equity loan. It is a wonderful way to get s loan with a relatively very low interest rate but this thing only  works if your very own property is worth of it. Also note that only and only private properties are eligible to purchase with a equity home loan. That mean you can’t purchase a HBD flat with a equity home loan for it you have to either get a HBD home loan or a bank loan.