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Statement from Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown

State Senator Bruce Starr has filed a lawsuit against me as Oregon’s Secretary of State. While attorneys usually ask we not comment on pending litigation, I refuse to stay silent. The allegations about my character are outrageous and unfounded.

The decision to elect Oregon’s Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries in November 2012 was made by the Oregon Legislature in 2009. Nearly three years ago, long before anyone knew who would be on the ballot, the Legislature overwhelmingly passed House Bill 2095. In Section 22a of the bill it clearly states that the next BOLI Commissioner would be elected in November and for a two-year term. This is a unique statute that created a shortened term with a one-time application that speaks for itself.

This is an issue of election law, not politics. Those who would try to score political points at the expense of questioning what is very clear as a matter of law are doing a disservice to democracy.

I take my job as Secretary of State very seriously and treat all candidates for office fairly and equally, without regard to party affiliation. I dedicate every day to doing my job to the best of my ability by serving all Oregonians, and ensuring fair, accurate and transparent elections. Allegations to the contrary are offensive and false.

– Kate Brown, Oregon Secretary of State

Oregon Secretary of State
Written by Oregon Secretary of State

The Oregon Secretary of State is an independent constitutional officer directly elected by Oregonians. The Secretary is Oregon’s chief elections officer, auditor and archivist. Additionally, the Secretary of State promotes job growth by streamlining the creation and expansion of business, authenticates documents for travel or study abroad, and offers notary training and listings. Oregon is the only state where the Secretary of State is responsible for auditing public spending. In addition, the Secretary of State serves with the governor and treasurer on the Oregon State Land Board and manages and oversees Oregon’s Common School Fund.