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Sec Brown Presents Awards to Living Legends at Bus Project Event

Sec Brown Presents Awards to Living Legends at Bus Project Event

The Bus Project Wheelies Awards, 10/10/2011

Secretary Brown at Bus Project Wheelies AwardsSecretary of State Kate Brown was honored to present the Legend Award at this year’s Bus Project Wheelies Award show. Secretary Brown has been affiliated with the Bus Project for years in no small part because their grassroots work registering young Oregonians to vote is crucial to democracy in this great state.  

The Wheelies Awards recognize leaders, volunteers, organizations and businesses which are changing Oregon for the better. This year the Legend Award went to all living former Secretaries of State for their efforts to make Oregonians some of the most active and engaged citizens in the nation. According to Secretary Brown, “Oregon has been blessed with Secretaries of State who believe democracy should be for everybody, voting should be accessible and every vote must be counted.”

This year Secretary Brown and Joe Smith, former Umatilla County District Attorney, presented the Legend Award to Norma Paulus, Barbara Roberts, Phil Kiesling, and Bill Bradbury.

Norma Paulus, who served from 1977 to 1985, was the first woman in Oregon to win election to statewide office and protect the security of Oregon’s voting by stopping the followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh from stealing a local election.

Barbara Roberts, who served from 1985 to 1991, passed election reforms and worked closely with county clerks throughout Oregon to create ADA-accessible polling places.

Phil Kiesling, who served from 1991 to 1999, was Oregon’s knight in shining armor for vote by mail.

And Bill Bradbury, who served 1999-2009, increased elections transparency by hosting ORESTAR reporting for campaign spending and contributions.

Oregon Secretary of State
Written by Oregon Secretary of State

The Oregon Secretary of State is an independent constitutional officer directly elected by Oregonians. The Secretary is Oregon’s chief elections officer, auditor and archivist. Additionally, the Secretary of State promotes job growth by streamlining the creation and expansion of business, authenticates documents for travel or study abroad, and offers notary training and listings. Oregon is the only state where the Secretary of State is responsible for auditing public spending. In addition, the Secretary of State serves with the governor and treasurer on the Oregon State Land Board and manages and oversees Oregon’s Common School Fund.