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The Oregon Sustainability Board

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Here in Oregon we are proud of buy cialis from canada our State’s reputation for being a leader, in both thought and cialis prescription order action, in the green and sustainable business practices arena. As part of The State of Oregon’s commitment to greater sustainability, the Oregon Sustainability Board was created in 2001, charged with:

Employ[ing] the knowledge, expertise and creativity of Oregons citizens, build[ing] upon existing private and public efforts throughout the state to ensure efficient and complementary results, develop[ing] voluntary, incentive-based and performance oriented systems to supplement traditional regulatory approaches, [using] good science to measure resource use, environ-mental health and costs to determine progress in achieving desired outcomes, and establish[ing] clear measurable goals and buying cheap viagra pill targets to guide state efforts toward sustainability

Since being appointed in January of 2009, Secretary of State Brown has chaired the Sustainability Board. In addition to buy nolvadex online facilitating the meetings, she also sets the discount viagra prescription drug strategic direction for the Board, including how the Board’s activities and projects can build on the focus.

On November 20th the Sustainability Board met once again to discuss the progress of ongoing projects and to further develop a strategic vision for the future. During this meeting, the Board determined a major focus will be spotlighting how sustainability can heal the urban/rural divide. Over the discount generic cialis online no prescription next biennium, the Board plans to complete new projects and looks forward to a robust and innovative future.

In addition, the Board will continue to champion its role as facilitator of work on sustainability-related issues within state government and in the broader Oregon community. It will continue to serve as the primary bridge for innovation, environmental stewardship and social equity.

We will continue to post Sustainability Board news and information about upcoming projects on lowest viagra price this blog, but until then, to learn more about the Sustainability Board and click now State Government efforts to promote sustainability in the State of Oregon, check out:

Tony Green
Written by Tony Green

Tony is the principal media contact for the Secretary of State's office. He joined the office in January, 2013. Previously, he worked in the Chief Operating Officer's office and the Department of buy cheapest viagra Justice. For nearly 22 years, he worked as a reporter for The Oregonian covering legal issues, politics and crime.